Alissa & Eric

Are Getting Married!

Me & You

It was just another Sunday afternoon. Alissa was sitting on her couch in Central Square watching TV. She had just returned from a trip to Philadelphia where she had been babysitting her nephew Kaleb. She picked up her phone and clicked into this app she had downloaded.

Meanwhile, in South Boston, Eric was laying on his chaise lounge cheering on all of the players on his (VERY GOOD) fantasy football team. He had recently decided to try out this new dating app his brother had told him about, and was pleasently surprised to open up this app to a "Mazel Tov! You Have a Match!"

A couple of days later, off Alissa went to meet Eric for a drink at Loco (his suggestion - little did she know he lived a block away from there). She walked in and looked around for a guy who hopefully looked like the pictures, and according to the text she just got, was wearing a blue plaid shirt. Whew! He did look like the guy in the picture and sure was cute! Eric looked up from the bar stool he was sitting at and Alissa walked over.

Eric walked into Loco not really knowing what to expect. It was a first date, after all, and having only really talked to Alissa once through the app, he was excited to finally get to know more about her. When Alissa walked into the bar, he was so astounded by her beauty that, to this day, he still can't remember what she was wearing. After many Newburyport Plum Island beers, lots of good conversation and laughing, things seemed to be going well, but it was just a first date, so you could never be sure of anything...

Two weeks later, they made it to date three! Eric planned to take Alissa out for Italian food and bowling. Though he definitely hit the mark with the food (obvs), little did he know, she very much disliked candlepin bowling (I mean come on, the balls are too small - that is NOT bowling! - aka she's really bad at candlepin bowling). Fortunately for Alissa, league night at the bowling alley threw a wrench into the later plans for the date. Quick on his feet, Eric suggested that they go grab a drink on the rooftop of Coppersmith on this surprisingly warm October night.

It was on that rooftop that Eric and Alissa shook their dating nerves, and were finally able to be themselves. They came up with extravagant (and strange) stories for the buildings they saw in the Boston skyline, and more importantly, seemed to embrace each other's unfiltered personalities. From that point on, there was no more uncertainty. Alissa and Eric were clearly the match that they hoped for.


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There will be a shuttle with limited space between the hotel and the venue before and after the wedding.

Westchester Marriott
670 White Plains Rd, Tarrytown, NY 10591, United States

We have limited rooms blocked off, so if you are staying over, be sure to book a room as soon as possible to guarantee the special rate.
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Saturday, July 14th, 2018

7 PM

Tappan Hill Mansion
200 Gunpowder Lane Tarrytown, NY 10591

Reception to follow

There will be a shuttle with limited space between the hotel and the venue before and after the wedding.

Emily Cooper Moore

Matron of Honor

From tickle torturer to nurturer, she's always been that rock in Alissa's life. Fun fact: She always has emergency frozen ring dings.

Aaron Stein

Best Man

The brother of the groom who's been there for everything. Fun fact: He's just the best, man.

Kaleb Cooper Moore

Ring Bearer

With that smile and face how could Alissa's nephew not be on ring security? Fun fact: He can have a dance party at any time of day, just like his Aunt!



Nicki Klug


Nicki and Alissa may be "cousins", but they've always been family. Fun fact: Finger people was their game of choice.

Matt Adlestein


Matt and Eric attended four of the same schools together, but have actually known each other for much longer. Fun fact: During backyard wiffle ball, a game could never be deemed "official" without an Adlestein slip-and-fall.

Amy Klug


Though not a blood relative, Amy has always been another older sister to Alissa. Fun fact: Some call her Aunt Taco.

Jon Mauro


Jon and Eric attended four of the same schools together, from elementary school through college. Fun fact: He once had a couch named Steve.

Amanda Sondey


After meeting in high school, Alissa began to look up to Amanda (she still hasn't reached her height!), and their friendship has continued to this day. Fun fact: Watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants leads to some interesting dancing.

Jake DiGregorio


Jake and Eric's friendship goes back to 1990, when they were toddlers hanging out around town and at pre-school. Fun fact: Jake once went by the alias of "Scooter Rider", and sang a tune while- you guessed it- riding a scooter.

Alyssa Safer


From their first girl date, Alissa and Alyssa were instant friends. Fun fact: She is also known as "the other Aly/issa"

David Cooper Moore


Alissa's brother-in-law and fellow invader of the Cooper clan. Fun fact: Dave and Eric have never taken a photo together.

Jamie Gordon-Lipkin


Jamie and Alissa met in a gourmet engineering class and then proceeded to live together for 3 years in college. Fun fact: She knows all the words to High School Musical.

Alix Garnier


Eric and Alix first teamed up in college on a mission to know every single person at every random party they went to together, and after college, teamed up to take on Boston as roommates. Fun fact: He's a phenomenal dancer.

Eric Stein

Speech pathologist, wiffle ball enthusiast, chicken finger connoisseur


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Alissa Cooper

Outgoing, bubbly software engineer, jersey girl at heart who loves to cook and travel